Compounding combines permanent art with the newest medical information and progressive technology, permitting specially trained professionals to arrange customized medications to satisfy every patient’s specific wants. Compounding is prime to the profession of pharmacy and was a typical means of providing prescription medications before medication began to be created in mass quantities by pharmaceutical makers. The demand for skilled Compounding has magnified, as health care professionals and patients notice that the restricted range of strengths and potion forms that are commercially offered are unable to satisfy the distinctive wants of the many patients. These patients might have an improved response to a tailored potion that’s “just what the doctor ordered”.

Our Compounding professionals at Trafalgar pharmacy will prepare

  • unique potion containing the best dose of medication for every individual.
  • medications in potion forms that don’t seem to be commercially offered, like transdermal gels, troches, chewies, and lollipops.
  • medications freed from problem-causing excipients like dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.
  • combinations of assorted compatible medications into one potion kind for easier administration and improved compliance.
  • medications that don’t seem to be commercially offered.

The efficaciousness of any formulation is directly associated with its preparation, that is why  choosing Trafalgar Pharmacy is vital. In progress coaching for Trafalgar Pharmacy’s compounding specialists and technicians, progressive instrumentality, and high-quality chemicals are essential. Expertise and ingenuity are vital factors yet once again. Once modifying a formula or developing a novel preparation, the Compounding pill roller should think about physical and chemical properties of each the active ingredient and excipients, solubility, tonicity, viscosity, and also the most acceptable potion kind or device for administering the required medication. Normal in operation Procedures ought to be in situ and acceptable efficiency testing ought to be performed.

Our Compounding professionals will formulate appropriate medications as articulator drops, oral and nasal sprays, lollipops, body part solutions and suppositories, and different customized potion forms. Please contact Trafalgar Pharmacy to debate your wants and medicine issues.

Compounded Medications

Bio-identical hormones have been used over 20 years to meet the needs of women (in pre menopause, menopause and post menopause) and men (in andropause). Bio-identical hormone treatment helps both women and men restore hormonal imbalances and help reduce or treat symptoms caused by this imbalance.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women include: depression, mood alterations, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, hair loss, fatigue, weight problems, bone loss (osteoporosis), and decreased sex drive.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalances in men include: decreased energy, sleep disturbance, mood alterations, depression, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, and decreased sex drive.

Bio-identical hormones include Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), Estriol (E3), Progesterone, Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and Pregnenolone. Our pharmacists work together with patients and prescribers to provide customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that provides the needed hormones in the most appropriate strength and dosage form to meet each individual’s specific needs. Hormone replacement therapy should be initiated carefully after an initial medical checkup and after the family history has been reviewed. Every individual is unique and will respond to therapy in their own way. Close monitoring and medication adjustments are essential.

We work beside dentists and their patients to resolve issues using custom medications. Upon a prescription order, we are able to compound:
  • lip balms for infectious agent lesions
  • topical muscle relaxants/analgesics
  • topical anesthetics
  • non-staining medicine rinses
  • oral sedation in lollipops and deep-freeze pops
  • lollipops for oral thrush
  • mouth rinses for aphthous ulcers or chemotherapy-induced redness
  • mouth rinse to prevent oral trauma throughout dental procedures for patients who take anticoagulants
  • dry socket preparations
  • “mucosal bandages” to hide unhealthy, infected, or tender membrane
  • lozenges that facilitate to stop gagging
  • and many additional distinctive preparations and novel delivery systems

Medications are factory-made in a restricted range of strengths and dose forms that may satisfy the wants of most patients because of stability issues, and therefore the price of stocking and distributing various formulations of every drug. Using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized instrumentation not found in most pharmacies, we are able to compound medications in doses and dose forms that aren’t commercially on the market. We wish to optimize the care of each patient. Simply allow us to apprehend what you need!

Choose made-to-order medicine Medications for hyperbolic Effectiveness

Trafalgar pharmacy specializing in Compounding will produce a mixture of medicine in specific mixtures to treat a good  form of medicine issues. If your skin is sensitive, we have already got special pharmaceutical wants. As a result of creams or different commercial preparations could also be too robust or too weak for your specific necessities, they will be ineffective or cause a reaction.

Your Compounding Specialist at Trafalgar Pharmacy will make a choice from a range of preparations – gels, creams, ointments, sprays or powders – that are appropriate to your mode and skin condition. Compatible medications are often combined into one dose kind to modify a drugs administration schedule and improve compliance. For instance, resistant skin disorders are often treated with tailor-made formulations containing a mixture of medicine that employ synergistically for the most effective results, which can end in fewer doses.

Proper healing depends on receiving the suitable dosages and also the best combination of medicines. As a result of some medicine patients are allergic or sensitive to bound substances, by following a particular formula ordered by your doctor, we are able to eliminate trigger ingredients like preservatives, perfumes, fillers, or dyes.

We can give a valuable service to you through Trafalgar Pharmacy by meeting those wants that don’t seem to be being met with commercially on the market medications. For instance, we are able to produce combined medications for several skin conditions, such as:

  • Cuts and wounds
  • Dark pigmentation
  • Dry, painful skin
  • Eczema
  • Facial and body skin disorder
  • Fungal infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes
  • Unsightly scars
  • Warts

Skin Problem

Trafalgar Pharmacy has long been recognized as a productive treatment avenue for addressing skin problems. Our pharmacy has the power to formulate a variety of recent solutions for skin problems designed to bring a difference for your skin challenges.

Patients with skin disorder, Oily Skin or acne rosacea

Our Trafalgar pharmacy will prepare prescription medication for patients usingClarifying™ Base, that is non-comedogenic and has different advantages also.

Patient benefits:

  • Natural ingredients could improve red, blotchy skin
  • The distinctive avocado extract nourishes skin and reduces oil formation
  • May promote quicker unharness and improved delivery of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
  • May scale back the probabilities of irritation that are typically seen with skin disorder medications
  • Can also be utilized in anti-aging formulations for patients with acne-prone skin

Patients with Scarred and broken Skin

Our Trafalgar pharmacy will prepare prescription medication for patients usingPracaSil™-Plus, which may dramatically improve the looks of scars and stop scarring on hurt or broken skin.

Patient benefits:

  • Appropriate for old or recent scars
  • Rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids
  • Can be used with or without active ingredients
  • Formulated without protein, casein, dye, parabens, among different allergens

Patients with skin problem, skin disorder and Xerosis

Our pharmacy will prepare prescription medication for patients usingXemaTop™, which may improve the appearance of red and irritated skin.

Patient benefits:

  • Replenishes the lipids among the skin
  • Nourishes the skin’s structural integrity
  • Helps restore the skin’s barrier and stop water loss
  • May improve the delivery of common APIs

In some cases, only sure doses and sorts of doses of a particular drug, or drug combos, are out of print. If you can not realize the proper drug you are trying to find, check with one amongst our Trafalgar compounding speciality pharmacists, who can realize the same pharmaceutical ingredient and compound it into the acceptable dose kind and flavor. Looking at your wants, our pharmacists can even compound medications that do not utilize additives like alcohol, dyes, gluten, preservatives and sugar.

At Trafalgar Pharmacy, we will go the additional mile and build things as convenient as potential to induce you the medication you wish. We also additionally believe in providing medication at an affordable and truthful value to cash-paying customers.

Below are a number of the additional well-known back-ordered or out of print medications:

  • Oral and Topical Medication Shortages:
  • Acetaminophen capsules
  • Calcium change state oral resolution
  • Cortisone Acetate twenty five mg capsules
  • Dichloralphenazone capsules
  • Doxycycline capsules and tablets
  • Reserpine tablets
  • Injection, Ophthalmic Preparation and Sterile Medication Shortages:
  • Alprostadil (Caverject) injection
  • Ammonium Chloride injection
  • Atropine salt injection
  • Calcium change state injection
  • Dextrose injection
  • Famotidine injection resolution
  • Hydroxyzine injection
  • Lidocaine injection
  • Magnesium Sulfate injection
  • Mannitol injection
  • Oxytocin injection
  • Potassium Chloride injection
  • Sodium Bicarbonate eight.4% injection
  • Sodium Chloride injection
  • Veterinary Medication Shortages:
  • Cisapride
  • Clomipramine
  • Ketoconazole
  • Prednisolone
  • Discontinued Medications for combination Pharmacists:
  • Actifed and antihistamine-C liquid
  • Butazolidin
  • Chlorpromazine oral resolution and suppositories
  • Cortef suspension
  • Decaspray
  • Hydergine liquid
  • Indomethacin suppositories
  • Levsin-PB
  • Meclan cream
  • Mycelex-G duct tablets
  • Negatan
  • Robaxisal
  • Thioridazine suspension
  • Trimethobenzamide suppositories
  • Vancomycin liquid
  • Whitfield’s Ointment

Medicine for Diabetes disease improves quality of life for people who suffer from the medical condition. Additionally, diabetic medication can even extend for life and facilitate with diabetic wound care. The challenge is for the patient. Taking many sorts of medication a day, remembering when to take medicines, what quantity to use and also the time of day to take it is a true challenge. Yet, Trafalgar Pharmacy will combine medications in a prescription specially created for a diabetic patient. This reduces the possibility for error whilst permitting symptomatic management. The good news is that there are many medications on the market to assist wound healing. Combination permits people who suffer from Diabetic disease to receive equivalent results with a method that is so much less complicated than a master’s degree management method involving six or seven pill bottles. Common diabetic wound care medications include:

  • Phenytoin
  • Misoprostol
  • Metronidazole
  • Nefedipine
  • Lidocaine
  • Pentoxifylline

By combining these medications, instead of applying every substance on its own, a significant comprehensive healing impact is achieved than if every medication were taken singly. If you have got diabetes disease and have questions on your current medication, contact Trafalgar Pharmacy for a consultation. We will be happy to debate your current medication schedule and provide you data on diabetic wound care. If need be, we will work together with your doctor to form a combined medication answer for you.

Discontinued & Other Oral Capsules:
  • Disulfiram 250mg Capsules (Alcohol Abuse)
  • Doxycycline 20mg Capsules ( for Periostat)
  • Meclizine HCl 25mg Capsules (Diziness)
  • Magnesium Glycinate 250mg or 600mg (Essential Mineral – a high absorbable form of Mg)
  • Potassium Iodide (KI) ( Radiation Emergencies)
  • Red Yeast Rice 300mg (Cholesterol Supplementation)
  • Thyroid Capsules (Various Strengths)

Note for Doctors: Please do not hesitate to prescribe your own percentages or formulations

While the general public are aware that ladies experience secretion changes, several don’t seem to be as accustomed to the secretion changes that have an effect on men. At the age of forty, approximately one hundredth of men annually begin to experience gradual changes in their endocrine levels which will embody a discount of androgenic hormone also as will increase in levels of estrogen. Some men, however, might notice that their endocrine levels drop suddenly requiring treatment through endocrine replacement medical care.

What is Andropause?

The reduction in levels of androgenic hormone or the increasing levels of estrogen in men is said as Andropause. Androgenic hormone assists the body in building macromolecules and is additionally a vital issue for traditional drive also as stamina. Androgenic hormone conjointly contributes to many metabolic operations together with bone formation and liver function.

Andropause symptoms might include:

  • Aches and pains
  • Depression
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Lack of drive
  • Muscle loss
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis

Andropause may additionally end in a range of different symptoms together with cardiomyopathy, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), mood swings, memory failure, lapses in concentration, or feeling weak.

Treatment options for Andropause

The good news is that you simply don’t have to suffer from symptoms of Andropause. Treatment with natural endocrine androgenic hormone has been shown to be effective and relieve the symptoms of Andropause. It is necessary that men with these symptoms receive the precise quantity of endocrine necessary.

Our Trafalgar compounding special pharmacists will work together with your medical practitioner to seek out the formulation that’s specific to your body’s necessities. combined medications are obtainable in an exceedingly type of dose forms that are straightforward and convenient to use like injections, topical transdermal gels (rubbed daily into the skin), and organ tablets (dissolved beneath the tongue).

Trafalgar Pharmacy offers laboratory testing and comprehensive men’s consultations. For additional data on consultations and to seek out our confidential on-line form, please click on the Consultations tab above or to the left and choose Consultations for Men.

As men mature in age, they need not suffer the results of Andropause. To be told additional regarding natural endocrine androgenic hormone replacement medical care and different organic process supplements that may complement your regime and facilitate maintaining your health, contact your doctor or Trafalgar Pharmacy.

Your feet are a number of your hardest operating body elements – per se, it is traditional that you simply would experience pain and discomfort in them each once during a while. At constant time, over the counter medications are often but more effective for treating common podiatric ailments than medications created for your specific foot issue. Voluminous Canadians suffer from foot and leg pain, usually associated with underlying medical conditions like diabetic disorder and arthritis, furthermore as athletic performance.

Podiatry medication

Common Foot and Leg problems

A specialist or alternative health care skilled person might encounter many patient problems associated with the leg and foot that need tailored treatment. A number of the foremost common chiropody problems people experience  include:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Arthritis
  • Recurring blisters
  • Neuropathy
  • Dry skin
  • Foot ulcers
  • Swelling and hydrops
  • Nail problems
  • Muscle pain
  • Corns and calluses
  • Warts
  • Poor circulation

Remedies for these conditions could also be obtainable as topical over the counter creams and ointments, or general (oral) prescription medications. There are one or two of disadvantages to using these ways, however.

Topical over the counter treatments are made for the lots, so that they are unlikely to deal with your distinctive desires effectively. Oral, general medications will have dangerous side effects with semi permanent use, like risk of dependence and organ toxicity.

Podiatrist communicating

Find relief for your chiropody problems with Compounding Medications

Whether you have got a podiatric issue that’s exhausting to treat or you worry regarding the side effects inherent with semi permanent medication use, our Trafalgar pharmacy will facilitate. Trafalgar Pharmacy works in conjunction with your prescribing doctor to make innovative, tailored solutions to your distinctive chiropody issues. We produce the foremost effective ingredients and delivery mechanisms to administer the acceptable medications wherever you wish it most.

The pharmacy team at Trafalgar Pharmacy works closely with you, the patient, and your podiatrist/health care supplier to develop the most effective obtainable answer for your chiropody challenge. Whether or not you are an endurance jock experiencing chronic pain from calluses, or a personal trouble to finish everyday activities due to weakening ulcers, we are able to facilitate. We customize the answer to you, employing a style of dosing formulations.

Woman applying foot cream

Our combined medications are obtainable in the varieties of creams, gels, ointments, sprays, and powders. It is necessary to own a range of delivery mechanisms as a result of no two patients are specifically alike. The proper combination can think about your medical condition, quantity of daily activity, genetics, and former health history.

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it involves medications. It is time to prevent living with the pain and discomfort related to your chiropody condition. Let the older pharmacists at Trafalgar Pharmacy in Canada assist you on the road to recovery.

We Compound Medications for Foot and Leg problems, such as:

Fungal Infections: Dry, cracked skin of the foot and heel are a major supply of mycosis. sadly, the powerful surface of the foot will build it troublesome for over the counter medications to effectively penetrate.

Arthritis/Inflammatory Pain: The long -term aspect effects of oral pain medications are well-documented. Get targeted medical aid, straight to the supply.

Skin and Wound Care: People with poor circulation usually suffer weakening ulcers in their feet. Applicable medication is critical to heal the wound and forestall infection.

Combinations for a lot of targeted effects: In addition, Trafalgar Pharmacy will mix medications to make a synergistic impact, aiding healing and up quality of life.

3D Feet

At Trafalgar Pharmacy we are committed to serving you to discover a tailored answer for your chiropody illness. From plant infections to relief of chronic pain, we address your desires in conjunction with your prescribing doctor.

Sports medicine compounding ideas

As an ardent athlete, you recognize the strain that coaching and competition placed on your body.

Starting to push yourself to the limit suggests that setting aside time for your body to recover. Why not create that healing method as effective and economical as possible? Combined sports medications could also be the answer to your pain, inflammation or alternative sports-related ailments.

Sports Medicine combination Solutions for Athletes

Regular athletic activity will cause injury, pain and infection if people don’t seem to be taking correct care of their bodies. Thankfully, our Trafalgar Pharmacy combination services will make this task abundant and easier to manage. Our combination professionals make sure that every patient has the correct medication, dose and delivery technique required to sustain their high-impact manner.

Our sports medication combination services include:

  • Custom medical specialty doses
  • Topical pain relievers and anti-inflammatories
  • Combined medical specialty doses
  • Compounded antifungal medication and more

Unique advantages of Sports Pharmacy combination

Why work with a combination pharmacy instead of purchasing medication from a customary pharmacy? Combination pharmacies like Trafalgar Pharmacy provide services that are notably useful for athletes and are not offered at the most chain drug stores.

The following are simply a number of the key blessings of operating with a combination sports pharmacy when our body desires additional facilitators for staying healthy.

Recovery from Multiple Symptoms

It is not uncommon for an athlete to be affected by over one performance-related injury directly. In cases like these, the athlete might have to require multiple medications at the same time so as to manage his or her symptoms and promote the healing method. Intermixture medications daily are long and might even be harmful if the athlete doesn’t take the correct doses. Instead of scrambling to arrange their medication, athletes will have their entire program of pills and capsules combined into one dose. Taking the correct medication at the correct time is straightforward once all of the proper amounts are combined during a single gel cap.

Precision When Managing Doses

Sports doctors ordinarily instruct their patients to taper off the number of medications they take as their symptoms improve. This is often particularly relevant for patients managing pain from an injury, as taking a lot of painkillers than necessary may end up in adverse health reactions. When athletes are schooled to taper down their dose, there is no getting to eyeball the number. Patients will have doses adjusted accurately at a sports pharmacy that has combination services. By taking this approach, patients will limit the risks related to using habit-forming substances to manage pain.

Advantages over Oral Medications

The most familiar painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications are generally administered as pills or gel capsules. Whereas oral painkillers are utterly fine for a protracted list of health problems, there are many over and over wherever an athlete would like an alternative. A sports pharmacy that gives combination services would not bother providing patients with access to topical healing creams and gels. Topical painkillers:

  • Can be applied on to the positioning of the injury
  • Reduce impact on the body’s metabolism
  • Are appropriate once injuries create swallowing pills troublesome

Easy to Administer, specialized Medicines for Your Pets

At Trafalgar Pharmacy  we all know all pets are completely different and that we compound medications that may meet the distinctive wants of your animal. The goal of combination for the veterinary patient is to reinforce the veterinarian’s ability to treat patients in an exceedingly more practical and economical manner.

We can compound medications into specialized potion forms and shapes to cater to individual preferences like body part suppositories and topical sprays. As an example, percutaneous delivery may be a methodology within which you apply the medication to the animal’s ear for general absorption. This sort of delivery is beneficial in patients who must not become stressed whereas medication is being administered. This delivery additionally makes it easier for the owner to administer the medication.

We can compound tasty medications that are simply the proper size, form and consistency for domestic or exotic animals. Numerous flavors are on the market like fish for cats, beef and liver for dogs, tutti frutti for birds, banana for exotics, etc. Working along with your vet, we are able to incorporate the proper quantity of medication into chewy treats, capsules, and topical or transdermals into the foremost applicable potion for a particular animal.

Following a veterinarian’s prescription, we are able to build medication that is easier to administer and improve compliance. As an example, oral and topical syringes offer straightforward suggestions of accurate activity and administering medication and are notably helpful once the dose fluctuates.

As women approach menopause, they will experience secretion imbalances that have an effect on the standard of life. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could ease common symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, remittent sexual desire, moodiness, and vaginal dryness.

Other conditions wherever hormone-replacement therapy could also be prescribed to treat embrace bone loss, depression, pathology, fatigue, fibrocystic breasts, physiological condition, infertility, irregular cycle, migraines, postpartum depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), sleep disorders, water retention, and weight gain.

Synthetic sex hormone has been the standard treatment used for women to treat menopause time symptoms and to assist defend them from osteoporosis. However there are different choices accessible for women that need hormone therapy. One choice is the use of natural hormones versus artificial ones. Peri-menopausal and menopausal women’s wants could also be met by using plant-derived hormones that are chemically identical which occur naturally in women.

Natural hormone therapy may be valuable since no two women are an equivalent and therefore the medical aid may be tailored to suit a woman’s individual body and internal secretion levels. The hormones may be created in numerous strengths and potion forms like capsules, topical creams and gels, suppositories and organ troches or lozenges. Hormone replacement medical therapy could facilitate restoring a woman’s internal secretion balance while relieving the symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production of hormones by the body.

To help our patients through the method of hormone-replacement therapy, Trafalgar Pharmacy  offers laboratory testing and comprehensive women’s consultations. For a lot of info on consultations and to seek out our confidential on-line form, please click on the Consultations tab above or to the left and choose Consultations for women.

  • All Purpose Nipple Ointment (Miconazole 2% +Betamethasone 0.1% ointment +Mupirocin 2% ointment (in equal parts))
  • Candida Regimen Nipple Ointment (Betamethasone 0.1% ointment +Mupirocin 2% ointment +Clotrimazole 10% cream+ Nystatin 100,000u/g ointment (in equal parts))

Children create several challenges when it involves medication: they will resist having to require drugs, dislike the style or texture, have problems swallowing solid dose forms, and are terrified of injections. The restricted pediatric marketplace for most medications is also the leading reason for the dearth of investment in drug development for this population by the pharmaceutical business. Most medications don’t seem to be labeled for pediatric populations, and once a drug is not approved to be used in infants and kids, it always is not offered during an appropriate pediatric dose. As luck would have it, our Trafalgar pharmacy is ready to assist. We will compound oral medications into pleasantly flavored suspensions, solutions, concentrates, freezer pops, “gummy bears” or lozenges, in colors that tempt the kid to require the medication. A tasteful formulation is a lot of possible to boost compliance and minimize spillage or waste throughout administration. Lollipops are a perfect alternative to “swish and swallow” medications that require to be maintained within the mouth for a protracted amount of your time. Most medication is combined into transdermic gels which will simply be applied to an acceptable place, like the child’s wrist joint, for absorption through the skin.

Professional combination is not simply diluting existing medications, or intermixture powders with bases. We have a tendency to contemplate physical and chemical properties of every active and inactive ingredient so as to organize a good and safe tailored medication with the required style, color, fragrance, viscosity, uniformity, texture, and stability. The effectiveness of any combined medication is influenced by the technique and instrumentation utilized in getting ready the formulation, the purity and quality of the ingredients, selection of vehicle (base), and correct use of additives like penetration enhancers.


For pain management, combination offers many solutions to assist ease the pain of inflammatory disease, pathology or different forms of joint pain. Oral medications expose the total body to the results of that medication which can result in unwanted aspect effects, drug interactions or worsening of different diseases.

Topical pain relief cream (or percutaneous gels) that are applied to the positioning of pain gives an excellent possibility as a pain management resolution for you to focus on your pain. Percutaneous gels are combined employing a special penetration enhancing base to assist drive bound medications through the skin to the underlying reason for your pain. These medications will include:

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Anesthetic
  • Medications to dam neuropathic pain

Very little of this medication truly gets absorbed into your blood creating a safer variety of oral medications that expose your whole body. Compounding Topical pain relief creams (or gels) may additionally be coated by your insurance arrangement.

Millions of people across the globe suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is often a burden for each patient and their care suppliers. Optimum pain management is crucial for patients to steer productive, enabling lifestyles. Pain will arise because of a range of various conditions, and as a result, physicians ought to use many alternative approaches for undefeated treatment.

How will compounds help?

Many medications that are historically accustomed to managing symptoms of chronic pain will cause undesirable side effects. Opioid-related medications like pain pills, hydrocodone or oxycodone are often terribly intolerable within the systema alimentarium. Treating pain locally is an alternate choice to avoid these undesirable facet effects. Several pharmacies are ready to compound topical preparations that contain varied medications to assist management symptoms of pain. As a result of these formulations are applied locally, simply enough of the medication is absorbed through the skin to assist relieve symptoms at the positioning of the pain.

We at Trafalgar Pharmacy work together with patients and practitioners to solve problems by customizing medications that meet the specific needs of each individual. Please contact our Trafalgar pharmacist to discuss the dosage form, strength, and medication or combination that is most appropriate for your patient.